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Speaker to be confirmed from Aviva Investors

Roundtable discussion 2

How do LGPS investors become more nimble while retaining their governance structures?

  • Are LGPS funds missing opportunities for returns by virtue of their governance set-ups?
  • Are frameworks emerging to enable quicker, better investment decisions?
  • Can officers, managers & consultants collectively do more to bring members up to speed?
  • Is being slower to market a necessary trade-off for custodians of public assets?

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Panel: Futurology & Investment

Panel session

Shape shifters of the world – how could they takeover?

Africa, graphene, DNA sequencing, shale, demography…five areas that have little direct bearing on most LGPS portfolios today but may have seismic implications for the source of future returns. Our panel of CIOs and fund managers look at the big, global themes that were once the concern of futurologists and speculators but are now threatening to morph businesses and institutional investments forever. How, where and when will investment opportunities emerge and are LGPS funds well placed to embrace a brave new world of risk and return?

Speakers to be confirmed


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