Northern LGPS backs employee representation at Google parent

June, 2019 Print


The Northern LGPS asset pool is backing a campaign to put worker representatives on the board of Alphabet, the parent company of Google.

The campaign came after Northern LGPS launched its responsible investment policy at the start of 2019, which made worker rights a key priority at the companies it invests in. Northern LGPS chair, councillor, Gerald Cooney, commented: “Effective management of people is both a source of value creation and competitive advantage for companies, and the right thing to do. So there is a shared interest between companies, their workforce and their investors in getting this right.”

Cooney said it plans to take an active stance on worker rights and to push for employee representation at the largest US tech companies. “We hope that the Alphabet board will see the value in accepting the idea, and we are happy to support its employees in seeking representation.”


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