Barnett Waddingham revamps fiduciary management services

August, 2019 Print


Previously called Fiduciary Management Oversight, Barnett Waddingham’s fiduciary management services has now changed to FM Evaluate. The move recognises the evolution of the service to offer much more than simply oversight, said Peter Daniels, senior investment consultant and FM Evaluate’s newly-appointed head.

“The service we deliver goes way beyond just oversight and draws from our expertise as one of the UK’s leading independent investment consultancies,” Daniels commented. “Investment performance analytics is a key part of what we do, but it is our track record in advising on strategy and trustee decision making which enables us to critically evaluate a client’s existing or potential fiduciary management arrangements.”

Daniels has taken over the role from David Clare, partner at Barnett Waddingham, who has established Barnett Waddingham as one of the UK’s leading independent advisers on fiduciary management. Clare will remain at Barnet Waddingham and work closely with Daniels.


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