About Us

LAPF Investments is the magazine for local authority pension investment specialists from the publishers of the Pension Funds Performance Guide – LGPS Edition. Published every two months, each issue contains news reports and specialist articles on issues facing local authority pension funds. Contents:

  • Investment news and archive: Up-to-date news and a round-up of events over the past two months
  • Exclusive articles: Our editorial team and industry experts discuss the latest issues
  • Investment trends and analysis: Analysis of the latest data from our online database
  • Mandate awards and invitations to tender: The latest tenders issued and recent mandate awards
  • Appointments: People on the move
  • Classifieds: Advertisements for advisors


2019 Editorial Schedule:

Issue Number

Copy date

Publication Date

Special Focus

62 – February 14th February February Emerging Markets
63 – April 11th March April ESG
64 – June 6th May June Equities
65 – August 8th July August Secure Income
66 – October 2nd September October Alternative Investments
67 – December 12th November January Multi-Asset Investments
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