Access has appointed MJ Hudson as implementation adviser for the pooling of illiquid assets, including private equity, infrastructure, private debt and real estate.

MJ Hudson will support the pool’s selection of individual investment opportunities and investment managers to build portfolios in a range of illiquid assets.

The Access joint committee will use analyses and recommendations from the firm to inform their future actions and ensure the requirements and ambitions of local Authorities within the pool are met.

Access brings together 11 LGPS authorities to invest on behalf of more than one million members and 3,250 public sector employers.

“This long-term partnership with MJ Hudson is part of an important next phase in our development, as we will be able to offer pooled illiquid investment opportunities to our 11 member local authorities,” said Councillor Kemp-Gee, chairman of the Access joint committee.

“MJ Hudson’s experience of successfully working with the LGPS and extensive private markets expertise make them the ideal partners for this process.”


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Published: February 1, 2022
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