Border to Coast Pensions Partnership has refurbished and donated 36 laptops to three schools, supporting access to digital learning and development.

Three schools in Durham, South Shields, and Luton received the laptops, which will support children’s learning by providing online access to, while supporting the skills development in an increasingly digital world.

The schools are in the communities covered by the 11 LGPS funds that own Border to Coast.

Border to Coast’s IT provider, Razorblue, supported the donation by ensuring all units were fully refurbished and tested.

“Technology is essential in today’s world and children are left at a serious disadvantage in their learning without access to the tools and resources available online,” said Steve Halford, head of technology and resilience, Border to Coast Pensions Partnership.

“I’m proud that we have been able to give these laptops a new lease of life and ensure the communities we serve can benefit directly from them.”

Dan Kitchen, CEO at Razorblue, added: “We were delighted to support Border to Coast with their initiative to repurpose laptops for schools.

Developing digital skills can boost future opportunities and aspirations, and we were proud to play a part in supporting the local communities of its partner funds.”


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Published: August 1, 2022
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