Brunel Pension Partnership, one of eight national Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) pools, is looking to hire a chief executive officer. The search comes on the heels of Dawn Turner’s resignation in the summer.

The Brunel board, alongside Turner, has been developing the strategic needs of the company as it moves rapidly towards the post-transition phase of its development. As Brunel moves on to the next stage of its development, Turner has indicated that it needs a different style of leadership to take it to the next level of becoming a fully formed investment management company.

Chair Denise Le Gal has accepted Turner’s resignation and she now seeks a replacement to lead a unique investment management organisation that is seeking to establish best practice in areas such as responsible investment, investment risk management, private market investing, cost efficiency and transparency.

“Our progress in our first two years has been built on clear values, a strong culture and well-defined investment principles, and we have already established a reputation and influence beyond our immediate partners,” Le Gal noted.

Through its 10 pooled pension funds, Brunel has collective assets worth approximately £30 billion, which are invested across a range of asset classes, primarily through outsourced investment management relationships, but retains responsibility for manager selection and monitoring, product development as well as some discretionary management to implement client strategies.

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Published: October 1, 2019
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