Brunel Pension Partnership has begun the process of building its sustainable equities offering for its 10 LGPS Client Funds.

The objectives of the sustainable equities sub-fund, which is part of Brunel’s active equities range, will be to provide exposure to sustainable focused companies within the global equities market and will aim to generate excess returns from manager skill particularly when taking into account ESG considerations.

“We are really excited to be starting work on sustainable equities, as this is a key part of our commitment to responsible investment,” said Mark Mansley, Brunel’s chief investment officer. “We are looking for innovative and thought-leading managers to help us build this sub-fund. They should understand how to build a truly sustainable portfolio that can deliver excellent long-term returns,” he continued, adding that this mandate is about contributing to a more sustainable and resilient economy, and a thriving society.

Initially, Mansley expects the value of this sub-fund to be between £700 million and £1.1 billion, but interest in this area is growing and the figure could increase. Brunel will issue its call for expressions of interest in this sub-fund in September 2019.

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Published: August 1, 2019
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