Climate stocktakes are a key component of the net zero journey, according to Faith Ward, chief responsible investment officer at Brunel, recently.

Speaking in an interview with Asset TV, Ward explained how Brunel Pension Partnership has undertaken its own climate stocktake.

“The UN came up with the idea of a ‘global stocktake’ in 2023 and 2028 in order to see how aligned the world was with the Paris goals,” said Ward. “We wanted ours to be a deep dive too, and so we’re taking a whole year over it.”

Global events have made the journey to net zero more difficult, said Ward, which makes regular reviews all the more important.

Ward explained how Brunel has used an external party to conduct a review process with Brunel’s stakeholders to ensure the report is independent and objective.

The review should enable Brunel to make adjustments to its approach to maximise its impact and respond to recent developments in regulation, investment and new opportunities. It is also essential that a focus be maintained on a just transition in order to minimise the negative impacts of decarbonisation.


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Published: August 1, 2022
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