Last year, the Environment Agency Pension Fund announced it had set a target of achieving net zero by 2045 as part of efforts to significantly reduce emissions from the companies in its investment portfolio, while continuing to invest in green solutions.

It has now published its achievements and key ambitions in a report titled How we invest responsibly.

Apart from meeting government requirements to publish this data, the document is intended to inform members and other funds what the Environment Agency is doing to address climate change, invest in helping society more broadly, while still delivering healthy investment returns.

The highlights include:

  • One tenth of all investments are now in assets which provide climate solutions, such as net zero industrial warehouses in Wallingford, windfarms in Kenya, and in the public tram system in Nottingham
  • The agency wants to be seen to be leading the cause of protecting biodiversity, and has invested in a nature-based solution in Paraguay
  • Performance of the fund of the last one, three and five years has delivered returns of 12%, 11% and 9% respectively, each time outperforming the market


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Published: October 1, 2022
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