ClearMacro, a financial technology (fintech) firm has launched what it claims is the world’s first robo-research asset allocation platform.

The firm said its range of data and analytical tools will improve the speed and quality of asset allocation decision-making for institutional investors. It added that it is taking data in real time from 237 different public markets and global asset classes and uses smart tools to streamline the conventional data collection and analysis processes. It also uses asset allocation signals for tactical decision-making and users can personalise their own library of market indicators for their portfolios. In addition, pension funds and other users have the scope to assess how their portfolio’s projected returns perform under different scenarios relative to future liabilities.

ClearMacro has been founded by three investment professionals: Mike Simcock, formerly of GIC, the Singapore sovereign wealth fund; Giles Adu, formerly at BNP Paribas, Credit Lyonnais and Soc Gen and Arturo Rodriguez, who worked in structured finance before setting up his own software firm in 2013. Crossborder Capital will provide global liquidity flow data across different asset classes to ClearMacro and its CIO, Michael Howell, commented: “ClearMacro has developed a product that provides a clear advantage for its users in approaching and implementing robust asset allocation analysis and we are delighted to be a day one data providers to ClearMacro.”

ClearMacro said it will provide access to investors through an easy-to-navigate platform for desktop and mobile devices. It added it is launching with a number of institutional investors and investment firms on-board including an Asian SWF, European wealth managers and several US and Europe-based hedge funds.


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Published: August 1, 2016
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