Member engagement is a difficult and often unrewarding task, particularly among younger members, saddled with debt and who consider their retirement a long way off.

This year, the Environment Agency adopted an innovative strategy for its pensions awareness week. The fund provided some live shows to interact with younger members.

It even recruited British rapper and grime MC, songwriter and DJ, Big Zuu, to star in a a music video to encourage his peers to give their “pension some attention”. The video shows Big Zuu telling the viewer “to pay your pension some attention.”

The video urges viewers to consider why engaging with their pension is important and can be viewed on YouTube.

The campaign was delivered in three parts, with the first encouraging members to give their pension some attention and why they should continue paying into it, despite the cost of living crisis.

The second provides updates from the fund about investment, the work of the pensions committee and how they can become “carbon responsible”.

The last covered pension statements, and how and where members can learn more if there is anything they do not know or understand.

As Zuu says in the video: “Let’s change the perception – it’s alright for you to ask questions.”


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Published: December 1, 2022
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