London CIV has taken steps to identify and confirm human rights as one of its keystone stewardship priorities.

In 2022, Hong Kong Watch, the UK-based charity that researches and monitors threats to Hong Kong citizens’ basic human rights, published a list of companies involved in constructing the Uyghur camps which actively use Uyghur forced labour.

London CIV has no exposure to any of the 13 companies highlighted either through its active investments or the LCIV Passive Equity Progressive Paris Aligned Fund. But London CIV clients may have holdings in these positions in off pool investments and passive arrangements in emerging market index funds where London CIV has no influence or regulatory responsibility.

However, in 2021 London CIV identified this as an engagement priority for both passive investment risk and indirect supply chain risk and began monitoring its exposure.

This uses the Australian Strategic Policy Institute expanded list of 82 foreign and Chinese companies that may – directly or indirectly – benefit from Uyghur workers outside Xinjian.

London CIV continues to research emerging human rights issues, monitor risks, map exposure, and engage with impacted investments on behalf of clients.


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Published: February 16, 2023
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