London CIV (LCIV) has been listed as a “world-leading responsible, sustainable long-term investor” by the Responsible Asset Allocator Initiative (RAAI).

LCIV was ranked 26th of 251 asset allocators this year, with a score of 96. In 2019, LCIV was in 53rd place of 197 investors, with a score of 80.

Analysis of $26 trillion of assets generates the RAAI Leaders List, which provides a window into the future of investment where the planet’s top investors are addressing the world’s greatest challenges.

“The RAAI Leaders and Finalists are unleashing hundreds of billions of dollars to invest in renewable energy, clean technology and sustainable infrastructure, while improving access to clean water, affordable housing, healthcare, and education,” said Scott Kalb, founder and director of the RAAI at New America, chairman of the Sovereign Investor Institute at Institutional Investor and former CIO of the Korea Investment Corporation, South Korea’s sovereign wealth fund.

“These institutions understand that investing responsibly and sustainably is a better way to optimise returns, reduce risks, and identify opportunities for future growth, while aligning their portfolios with broader concerns of savers,” added Kalb.


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Published: October 1, 2022
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