Lyxor Asset Management has joined forces with Dymon Asia to launch a liquid discretionary global macro strategy with an Asian focus.

Lyxor said that as Asia becomes increasingly important in the global economic landscape, it will offer a wide range of opportunities due to the wide diversity of economies. The global macro strategy aims to use these opportunities across a range of asset classes – global FX, rates and equities – to generate returns through a tactical trading style. Dymon will provide fundamental research to develop high conviction thematic medium- and long-term trade ideas, with short-term technical trading to provide portfolio optimisation.

Lyxor AM deputy head of hedge fund selection, Moez Bousarsar, commented: “The Lyxor Dymon Fund identifies investment themes in a market that is rapidly growing with multi-asset class opportunities. Having traded through multiple investment cycles, Dymon has a strong, regional expertise in Asian markets, allowing the fund to be well-positioned to react swiftly to market-moving information. As an asset manager, Lyxor’s core capabilities are selecting and onboarding the best Alternative UCITS managers for our clients in their search for diversifying strategies in various market cycles.”

The fund will have weekly liquidity and a passport into eight countries, including the UK. It has a minimum subscription of EUR 100,000 for class one shares and EUR 10,000 for class A shares.


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Published: October 1, 2018
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