Natixis Investment Managers has launched a new range of ESG fund of funds.

The Lux UCITS range consists of the Natixis ESG Conservative, Moderate and Dynamic funds, each offering diversified, multi-asset exposure to meet the varying risk requirements of investors.

As each affiliate has its own independent investment process with a customised ESG approach, all strategies undergo a rigorous selection test, Natixis said.

The investment process starts by filtering for appropriate funds using a quantitative screen from an independent third-party provider, before qualitative assessments are done from both an ESG perspective and a classic fund selection angle.

Finally, Natixis’ investment solutions team uses its own in-house risk management and tactical asset allocation process to manage the portfolio to meet defined risk & return objectives.

Head of multi-asset portfolio management at Natixis Investment Solutions, James Beaumont, said: “The ESG market is evolving rapidly and means many different things to different people. These funds give clients access to a wide range of ESG strategies across all asset classes in a risk-controlled manner.”


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Published: August 1, 2020
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