Octopus Hydrogen and MIRA Technology Park (MTP) are to partner to develop a green refuelling forecourt at the park, providing hydrogen and EV charging on site.

Midlands-based MTP is home to the fastest growing cluster of automotive and mobility technology businesses that are driving the revolution in mobility.

Octopus’ hydrogen business will provide green hydrogen-as-a-service to increase adoption, while Octopus Renewables will supply power from a purpose-built seven mega watt (7MW) ground-mounted solar array that will be adjacent to the forecourt.

The site houses 40 of the leading innovators in the zero-carbon mobility revolution. Many focus on fuel cell technology, while others wish to incorporate a green hydrogen solution into their power options.

The on-site generation plant will supply sufficient green hydrogen to support the equivalent of 60 cars’ worth of fuel per day.

The forecourt will also house a number of high-power electric vehicle (EV) chargers delivering up to 300kW. This adds to the existing network of more than 70 charging points on the MTP site.

“Transport is responsible for a third of all man-made carbon emissions in the UK, and while we are making headway in electrifying cars, we need hydrogen to clean up those sectors that cannot be decarbonised through batteries alone,” said William Rowe, Founder and CEO of Octopus Hydrogen.


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Published: December 1, 2021
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