KBI Global Investors has announced that the impact its investments have contributed to achieving UN sustainable development goals has increased over the past year. And what’s more, it can prove it.

The company has developed its own impact measurement methodology. This indicates its revenue alignment SDG scores (RASS), is 78.0%, an increase of 6.0% year on year.

KBIGI’s water strategy shows a particularly high RASS score, with a small negative impact on two of the nine SDGs to which it is aligned – one more than the 2020 report.

Its energy solutions strategy registered a negative score on three SDGs, one more than last year, pushing its RASS score down 7.9% to 71.2%.

The company is confident the fall is directly attributable to a strengthening of its research methodology, adding six new business activities and with the application of stricter definitions.

“Rather than simply having an anecdotal sense that investments in these strategies contribute to the achievement of the SDGs, we have been able to quantify this in a replicable and transparent methodology,” said Eoin Fahy, head of responsible investing at KBIGI.

“That we have been able to quantify the impact score of our portfolios in this unique and proprietary way gives us an edge, and we believe we are one of very few managers to measure and account for a negative element when looking to measure impact.”

“That negative element has proven to be a huge positive – creating a further opportunity to engage with management at our portfolio companies.”


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Published: August 1, 2021
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