A new academic title published by Bloomsbury includes a chapter by Faith Ward, chief RI officer at Brunel Pension Partnership.

Investment Management, Stewardship and Sustainability: Transformation and challenges in law and regulation, covers a range of topics from leaders in the field of sustainable investing.

In her chapter, Ward explores how asset owners and asset managers can become Paris-aligned through cooperation.

“Building strong relationship-based partnerships, thinking about outcomes and whether there are better ways to achieve the goal are just some of the critical components of achieving asset manager accountability discussed,” wrote Ward.

“Addressing climate change requires a change of mindset and a willingness to push at the boundaries of the conventional wisdom that has shaped the investment industry for generations.

The best innovations come from teamwork, and will best be done working collaboratively across the industry. This is why sharing our experiences with others is crucial to enable all of us to learn from both successes and failures, and Brunel will continue to do so as part of its mission to work towards a world worth living in.”


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Published: April 20, 2023
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