The West Midlands Pension Fund has featured in a section of a new documentary released by the Pensions Management Institute (PMI).

The four-minute film covers how the fund engages with members at every stage of their working life, catalyses positive ESG impacts and creates an inclusive and opportunity rich working environment.

The section features the award-winning Roadshow Bus, used as part of the fund’s strategy to help people make the right choices at the right time throughout their working life through to retirement.

Fund member, Sharon Campion, is also interviewed about how the fund always provided simple, helpful information she could understand, so she felt safe making the choices she did for her retirement.

The film showcases the career opportunities offered by West Midlands Pension Fund, the inclusive and opportunity rich working environment, the positive impacts of ESG and many examples of how the fund’s actions and investments have created positive outcomes.

Rachel Brothwood, executive director of pensions, Shiventa Sivanesan, assistant director, iInvestment management and stewardship, and Simon Taylor, assistant director, pensions are also interviewed.

The documentary, which can be viewed on YouTube, will be shown at the PMI’s ESG seminar and other associated events and is being sent to all PMI members.

The video is designed to help to communicate the positive impact pensions can have on society, the environment and the economy as a whole – and West Midlands Pension Fund’s work building a sustainable future for all.


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Published: April 25, 2023
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